The emptiness inside

Alcohol, cigarettes, sweets, relationships, sex,
hard work, performance sport, keeping yourself busy,
money, possessions, the title, the fancy car,
the journey around the world, the stamp collection…there are so many things
with which we try to calm our inner hunger.


If you are honest to yourself, then you need to confess, that you can’t get enough from the things you love.

The things that we hang on are often those who destroy us.

Someone longs for recognition and honor, so he does everything to be successful in his job. At the end of the story he lost all of his friends and only lives for his work. He fools himself, because he keeps saying to himself, that he made it. Emtpy inside and on the outside a horrible character with just a few social contacts.

Or there are the young girls, who are so longing for love and a relationship, so they do everything to get this and fall into a boy, who on the otherside is just interested in her body. After they’ve been in bed together, and he promised the great love to her, he drops her.
He will also never get enough

In the heart of every man, there is a god created vacuum, which can’t be filled by nothing else then just God, the creator, like he revealed himself in Christ.
Blaise Pascal