Game in the city: Find our co-workers

Today we made the christmas market a bit shaky.
The dressed up co-workers had to be found.


Speaking about the dresses: Ria and Sille were the leaders.
Also “Grandma-Ela” was very hard to find.
On the other hand it was not that easy for the male actors:
Some claims from the visitors of the christmas market:
Shouting loudly:
“What a beard, what a beard!! Look at this beard. Looks a bit like ISIS, he?
Behind the back:
“That was a fake one, right?”
“There is the one with the fake beard again!”
“He looks strange, whats wrong with him?”
“It seems like some has masked themself.”
“You also can smile a bit, its almost christmas!”

Very positive:
Ria as a young mother was treated helpfully and polite.
They are also very considerate to grandmas in Schwarzenberg.