In love with the own reflection

Slowly you can’t get rid off the impression,
that the narcissistic personality disorder is the new people’s disease.
The expression narcism stands for the self-love and self-admiration of a human,
who sees himself more important and more valuable,
than the person who observes him.
In the shopwindow of “Likes”, he poses and is deaf to others,
he only wants to speak, even about nonsense.
To live with such people is hard.
How can narcissists get help,
when they, due to this disorder, think “they are always the best”?


A narcissist has a magnificent feeling of his own importance,
strong phantasies of limitless Success and Power, the desire for excessive admiration,
an exploiting behavior in relationships, a lack of empathy, envy,
arrogance and lordliness.
The pathological narcissist is a kind of parasit. A human consumer.
That’s necessary because he is suffering under inferiority complexes.
He hates himself more than he loves.
To keep his ego from collapsing, he needs a opposite person to applaud him.
Only out of the permanent reflexion he gets his lifelines.

A small example:

The wife asked her man, while they are driving together in a car, to slow down a bit.
But the man started to drive faster.
“She is not allowed to tell me how fast or slow I have to drive”, thought the man.
Shortly after this the car flipped over. While the man just a had a shock,
his wife was badly injured.
After numerous surgeries, the patient suffered under strong pain a lot.
Her face was also distorted. The husband got desperate in this situation.
He was looking for help at a therapist.
As the psychotherapist asked for the reason why he came,
the man said with tears in his eyes:
“How can I live now, with a wife for who I am ashamed?”

Narcissists only suffer at their own abyss.
To be able to allow criticism and empathy is their biggest weakness.