The Formation of the ice cups

The cups on picture 22 and 24 are made of ice and done like this:
First I (Ron) filled a smaller cup with saltwater
and cooled it down in the freezer.
The idea behind is, that saltwater doesn’t freeze so qick like normal water and it can get easier out of the form later on.
In my case it worked partially.
After this, the smaller, cooled cup will be placed into a bigger one
and the big cup will be filled with cooked hot water.
The cooked hot water shall freeze faster
and creates clearer ice without air bubbles in it.
The cooled small cup shall help to enable
an evenly freezing process of the water in the big cup.
Then we prepared a little fotostudio for the fotoshooting,
like you can see on the picture.
All completed with Laser and Flashlight for a creative lighting.