My life will be better, when…

We always tell ourselves, that our live will be better,
if we are married,
have a baby, and another one…

Then we are frustrated, because they are in the adolescence and we need to arrange with them.
Of course we will be happier, when they grew up.

We’re telling ourselves, that life will be better,
if our life partner is doing his/her part right,
if we have a nicer car, if we would make holiday,
if we are old already…

The truth is:
There is no better time to be happy, than now.
If not now, when else?
Challenges will come to our lifes again and again.
Its better to accept that and to decide
to be happy, either way.

We thought over and over again that life will start soon.
The real life.
But there were always some obstacles in the way, always a kind of challenge,
which we needed to pass, some kind of work, that needed to be done,
some kind of bill, which we needed to pay… then life would start.

I finally realized that these “obstacles” are life.

This view helped me to see, that there is no way to be happy.

To be happy IS the way.

So, enjoy the moment. Stop waiting…
…for holidays to start, for the school to start again,
for earning your own money, for your wedding,
for loosing 10 pounds, or gaining 10 pounds,
for Friday night, for Sunday morning to come, for a new car,
for paying your credit, for spring, summer,
autumn, winter, for the 1st or 15th of the month,
for the radio to play your song again, for your death to come, for your rebirth…
…before you decide to be happy.

To be happy is a journey, not the goal.
There is no better time to be happy, then NOW!
And every time is NOW.
So live and enjoy the moment.