Germany and the chancellor

Angela Merkel is currently accused again for everything that displeases.
As she alone would call the shots.
You could follow this by the equality of homosexual couples very well.
A lot of politics have no manners any longer.
They talk and grouse like a backyard dog.

From John Mulindes Prophecy 1999:
“The smoke, that you see, is the power of evil, that rises out of Europe.
The smoke will not ascending someday, rather it is ascending already.
It will be the worst manifestation
of rebellion against god in human history.
This smoke will draw the people totally away from god.
The people will hate god with all their heart.
They will hate everybody who represents God.
They will hate everything, which is God and in Gods order.
They will love the evil.
They will express the worst wishes and fleshly desires in their life’s.
They will always search for more bad ways to express sin.
The more worse a Man will be,
The more attention he will find.
Hitherto hidden abominations they will bring into public to present them to mankind.
They will happy about their malignancy.
They will compete with each other for who is the most evil of them.
Those, who will not adjust to their lifestyle, will be persecuted and they will try to destroy them.
They will take their money and belongings and sponsor the evil in the world.
It will be a total provocation to Gods anger.
And God has no other choice then by reacting with judgement.

To see how true this prophecy is, you just need to walk with open eyes through the city.
Sometimes you can’t stand it how children, animals and woman are treated.

I’m sorry for everyone who has no hope.