Its fascinating to watch a magician.
Breathless you follow his tricks and think feverishly how this or that works.
The Art of an illusionist and magician is based on a simple method:
The audience sees the reality but does not see it.
They see what’s happening in front of their eyes, but only,
what they should see, what the magician wants them to see
so reality becomes an illusion.
Their view is turned away from the truth behind the illusion.
If you are only relying on what you see, you may fail to see the truth.
You are concentrated on the actions of the magician,
the hand movements of the magician, and lastly you fail to see the trick.
What magician use, actually applies to our whole life:
For example you are concentrated on a problem
and because of this you are failing to see the solution.
Or you are fixed on your desires and fail to see,
what could fulfill them in a full measure.
So it is also with the young Harris,
as he visits his mentor for the first time
and asks him to teach him his tricks.
He put him into handcuffs, which Harris cannot open
because he doesn’t know the key and puts his focus at the handcuff instead.

Harris illustrates in his movie „Entangled“ in an impressive way,
how we people are deceived and how we entangle into pitfalls every now and then.
But he also shows how we can unleash ourselves.