The hermit in the desert

Visitors asked a hermit in the desert,
if it was boring for him to be there.
But he assured them that he had a lot to do all day.
“I have to tame two falcons, two sparrowhawks to train,
2 rabbits to stop, one snake to guard,
one donkey to load and one lion to tame!”
Curious asked the visitors: “But where are your animals?”
After that question the wise man told them about his animals:

“The two falcons are the eyes, they throw themselves on everything that moves.
They are hard to tame.
The sparrowhawks ,the raptors are our hands,
they want to grab everything but they don`t want to release anything.
The two rabbits, that I have to stop, are the feet,
up and away they run with us, twisting and turning, they make us unsteady.
Most difficult to tame is the snake, our tongue.
Even the cage of 32 teeth is powerless against the tongue.
Then the donkey has to be loaded, our body.
Often he is like a pack animal.
If you overload him he gets stubborn
and starts to hit or simply doesn`t want to continue.
And finally the task is to tame the King of the beasts,
the lion, our heart.
The heart is a stubburn and despondent thing.
In it there is colossal strength asleep,
that has to be tamed for what is good.
-This is how I have a lot to do all day.”
(Axel Kühner)