When is a man a man?

When are men mature?
What makes a man immature?
When is a man a man?

Studies have allegedly shown that men only reach maturity at the age of 43
and women at 32.
It is a fact that many men in their private lives have and retain the maturity of children.
How can I recognize an immature man?
Women say so:
driving too fast/ farting and finding that funny/ playing computer games/
can’t cook anything/ the inability to have a dispute talk/
the inability to talk about himself or his feelings/ fast food and not eating vegetables/ driving a tuned car/ littering/ cartoon bedding/ comic underwear/ rejects responsibility/ lets his life be regulated by the female partner/ wants to be mothered/ to talk big/ bossy/ show-off/ sulking/ whining/ exercise power over the weak / slacker / too much alcohol / smoking….
In any case, the eternal boy’s life is not a healthy life and strains every relationship.
Whether it’s mother’s boy, wannabe hero, prince or Casanova;
Women want mature men.