Girl or woman?

A boy is attracted to girls. A man is attracted to women.
It is not necessarily about age, but about maturity.

Topic “girl or woman”:
A girl wants attention, a woman wants respect.

A girl is proud that she can neither cook nor clean.
A woman likes to take care of herself and others.

A girl is afraid of loss. She’s competing for a partner.
A woman helps other women and knows her own strengths.

A girl counts on a man to finance her life.
A woman plans to be financially independent, but sees a breadwinner as a bonus.

A girl uses her outer appearance and sexuality as her main tool.
A woman knows that her value goes far beyond the bodily.
It is about integrity, strength and humanity.

A girl has tantrums and reacts like a little child, if she didn’t get what she wanted.
A woman speaks clearly of what is bothering her.

A girl projects all her expectations onto others.
A woman has standards that she also refers to herself.

A girl has not yet established her moral values and therefore often behaves inconsistently.
A woman has thought about what her value is and what she stands for.
She is a role model and has a vision for her life.

A girl plays games. A woman doesn’t.