Gluttony in the head

I read this article by Dr. Christian Dogs at the barbershop:

Being online all the time, surfing on social networks –
that burns our soul out and damages our brain.
Today we don’t know what to do with our limited time.
Just to consciously do nothing for half an hour, idle time –
many people can’t take it anymore, immediately they reach for their mobile phone.
We can hardly bear silence any more.
I’ll also explain why: Because the brain is constantly overloaded, it cannot switch down.
You notice this in the evening: After a stressful day, it takes you an incredibly long time to get down. Some drink alcohol to get tired, some take pills.
With the greed for new stimuli, if the brain wants to be fed again and again, then it’s the art of saying: No, you won’t get anything now, that’s gluttony otherwise.
In therapy, I do the following with the patients: three days of boredom.
All you can do is look out the window.
No TV, no radio, no mobile phone.
In the first 24 hours, everybody freaks out because their brains are still firing.
The crazy thing is, after two days the brain starts to slowly discharge, then comes the rest. And people say,”I want to go on.”