Think criss-cross!

What about a time-out?
You choose – a planet far away or rather a lonely Island?
And what will you take with you? Got 3 Wishes free.
Music? Coke supplies until 2080? Football?

Too bad, that this whole thing alone is half the fun. You are not always lucky like Robinson Crusoe to have a Friday as your buddy. Possibly you need to make friends with a volleyball like Tom Hanks in “Cast Away”.

Even though nobody will see you – it’s kind of stupid to have a mute friend, isn’t it? Okay. The lonely Island is no permanent solution, that’s for sure. But it should be there for some hours.

We also thought like this and that’s why there is very exclusive
“Island for youth to chill”
with official opening hours:

Wednesday to Sunday 3-8pm here with us at “Kreuz und Quer”.

In the “KUQ” is something very precious waiting for you – time! We take us time for everybody who visits us.

  • Time for good conversations
  • Time for values
  • Time for encouragement
  • Time to comfort
  • Time for games and fun
  • Time to eat meals together
  • Time for interesting guests
  • Time for special events
  • Time for exciting bedtime stories
  • Time for YOU!


Doesn’t matter if you want to chat or not, you can come and sit with us and let everyday life where everyday life should be. Far away in the South seas. We offer open ears for your sorrows, entertainment without Ballermann-feeling and a lot of heart. And the best: we also have music. And drinks. Of course nonalcoholic.

Come over sometime, simply float and enjoy your little free time. Not lonely, but with nice people.

We are looking forward to welcome you here!

PS: We are Christians and so you have the opportunity to ask questions, outside of church walls, about things you are curious about.

PPS: By the way, a football table is available. Come on now, hurry up!